Cool Local re-thought: It’s for the people (and animals)

Cool Local has been around a while. The concept was a website and social media that celebrated people and things that inspire, from around the UK. There is a lot of the UK and a lot to love and to inspire within it. So we were over ambitious from the start. However, while we struggled with the scale of things and never will give the UK-wide sampling of wonder that we intended, this is no reason to stop. If we can instead still shine some publicity and attention on the good things out there, good things and good people who are often happy to get any encouragement, that is worthwhile. To this day, we’re proud of the donation we know came the way of London Wildcare thanks to Cool Local, and to the sale for the Netherton Foundry of their British-made spun ironware. A deserving helpless animal or two and an employee or two were helped by these small moments. A small positive moment can mean a lot.